AdSense Link Units Updated

Are you using AdSense link units on your site or blog?

I’ve got into the habit of using them, because they’re not as intrusive as full-blown ads.

The Inside AdSense Blog says link units have been re-engineered: “The new system is much smarter: it not only uses more sophisticated topic ranking algorithms but also continuously optimizes by learning which topics have the most appeal to the visitors of your site.”

You can put up to three link units on any page, as well as your three normal ad units — but if you shove this much advertising on a page, it will look cluttered, unless it’s an exceptionally long page.

Give link units a try. They’re small, and with this update, they may be exactly what your site’s visitors are looking for.

Introducing — Angela Booth’s Lazy Rich Blogger method

After several years of trial and error, these days I create blogs which I know will make money: I’ve cracked the code. Not only do my blogs make money almost immediately, they’ll also keep on making money for years to come.

If you wish, you can join me on the blogging journey. I hope you do. As the Internet grows ever larger, there are endless opportunities which can turn you into a lazy, rich blogger.

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