Affiliate marketing – easy ways to promote your affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but how do you promote your affiliate links?

Here are some ideas.

Advertising your links on your website and blog are some of the best ways to earn money with affiliate marketing. You can place graphic ads on the sides of your web pages. Most people will not realize that these are affiliate ads; they may think that the company is actually buying ad space from you.

In addition to graphic ads you can also post text links on your web pages. These, too, can take the form of ads placed on the side of web pages. However, you can also include links in articles and blog posts. For instance, if your article is about using wireless technology, you can include a link to a retailer that sells wireless products. If your blog post is a review of a movie you enjoyed, you can include a link to a retailer that sells that movie.

You can also use your mailing list as a tool for affiliate marketing. Check with your affiliate program first to make sure they allow you to send links through email. Let’s say that you are offering a 10 day e-course with travel tips for families. Each day you can include a tip and a link to a complimentary product. For instance, if you are offering a tip on how to save money on a hotel by booking through an online site, such as, include your affiliate link.

If you use a signature line with your email program, include one of your affiliate links. Many websites have message boards, and you may have option of adding a signature line to your member profile. Whenever you post a message, your signature line will be displayed in your post. Check the forum’s rules, as you may be able to include affiliate links in those signature lines, too.

When it comes to paid advertising, pay per click can be a great option. You can use a service, such as Google Adwords, to bid on keywords that your target market may use when searching for the type of product you are promoting. If they search for a term you are bidding on, your listing may come up in their search results. You will only have to pay for the ad if the person actually clicks on your ad.

You can also buy ad space on other people’s websites, blogs and ezines. This can take the form of a sign-up form to your newsletter, an ad for a specific program, or a general ad for your website.

There are endless ways you can promote your affiliate links – get creative.

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