Affiliate Marketing Mindset: Train Yourself to Sell

The heart of affiliate marketing is selling. You’re selling products, and each product you sell pays you a commission. This commission may be small, or very large. If you understand that the better you get at selling, the more your income will rise, you’ve taken a huge step forward in your career.

Would you like guaranteed affiliate marketing success?

Follow this process.

1. Choose Products You Value

Your first step to develop the mindset of a successful affiliate marketer is to accept that not every product you choose to promote will make sales for you. There are too many variables for this to be possible. However, if you choose products you really love and value, you’ll increase the likelihood that you can promote them successfully.

Enthusiasm sells, so when you like and enjoy a product, researching it will be enjoyable for you and so will promoting the product.

2. Tell Others Why the Products Are Great

No sales page is perfect. In your promotional materials your task is to fill in the gaps in the products sales page: you’re warming up your audience, and pre-selling them.

Think about who would buy the product you’re promoting, and what their needs are. What unspoken needs do they have?

Make a list of the benefits of the product you’re promoting, and think about why those benefits matter to the buyers.

3. Enjoy Selling: Master Copywriting

As an affiliate marketer, you either have to be very comfortable as a do-it-yourself copywriter, or you have to hire copywriters. There is no other way.

Luckily copywriting is quite easy to master. All you have to do is realize that you’re actually selling, and then do it in whichever way seems natural to you. Forget about gimmicks and “swap files”. The best way to learn copywriting is just to do it, and to learn from your mistakes.

Anyone can write copy. If you can write an e-mail message that gets somebody to respond, you can write copy.

Developing an affiliate marketer’s mindset is easy, once you realize that it’s all about selling. Develop this mindset and your success is guaranteed.

“Affiliate marketing is a scam!”


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One Response to Affiliate Marketing Mindset: Train Yourself to Sell

  1. If the affiliate product you are promoting has a sales letter, then the affiliate marketer is more of a *preseller*. As you said, it’s about “warming up your audience”.

    I wrote an article on my blog about the hidden power or preselling, and for affiliate marketers, it could be as easy as getting the audience to consider in more detail a problem they have, highlight why it’s such a problem, and then how you solved that problem (with the use of the affiliate product). I also give a brief example of how to do this.

    Thanks for the informative article, Angela.

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