Affiliate Marketing Mistakes: 3 Ways to Kill Your Business

Do you want to start an affiliate marketing home business? It’s a great way to make money online, because you can start with little or no investment. But there are traps you should avoid.

Here are three easy traps to fall into.

1. Forgetting to Pre-Sell Your Audience: Banners Aren’t Enough

When they’re getting started in affiliate marketing, newbies think that more is better, so they join every affiliate program they can find, and plaster banners all over their Web site.

As a form of advertising, banners stopped being effective a decade ago. Yes, you can use banners, but you must pre-sell your prospects first. Write reviews of the products you promote, and other content too. The more information you provide, the more you will inspire your prospects to buy.

How much pre-selling is enough?

You need to keep pre-selling. Remember that your buyers are at various stages of the buying cycle — some may be in the initial phase, and just researching, others may be close to a purchase but short of money, and so on. Keep providing pre-sales information — you’re in the “marketing” business. Just like Pizza Hut, you need to keep marketing.

2. Insufficient Promotion: You Must Promote Your Products

Promotion is just one aspect of the marketing mix, but it’s an essential one. There are many different ways in which you can promote your products, including paid and free advertising, mailing lists, blogs, article marketing, social networking — create promotional plans for your products, and put those plans into action.

3. Insufficient Contact With Your Prospective Buyers

It’s been said that buyers need to hear about a product at least seven times before it’s on their radar. This means that you need to stay in touch with your prospects. Blogging is a simple way of doing this — encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog via a feed reader so that they keep coming back.

There are other ways of staying in touch: with a newsletter, or with a mailing list, for example.

Stay in touch with your prospects, until they’re ready to buy, and afterward too: someone who’s purchased a product on your recommendation will do it again.

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