Affiliate Marketing: Overwhelmed? Create a Plan

If you’re new to affiliate marketing there’s a great chance that you’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much to do and so much to learn. You need to keep your eyes on the prize: making one sale, and then another and another.

Here’s how to do that: create a plan.

1. It All Starts when You Sell Something

Affiliate marketing is all about sales. It’s not about websites, traffic, or graphics, it’s about making sales.

Everything else is just a distraction. The first thing you have to do is to make one sale. Once you’ve made your first few sales you’ll be amazed at how easy affiliate marketing really is.

2. Create a Blog, Create a Review

I’m assuming that you’ve already chosen your first affiliate product. If you haven’t chosen a product, do that now. Got your affiliate link? Great.

Go to Blogger and set up a blog with the same name as the product you’re selling and “review” tacked onto the end of it. If your product is highly popular, you may need to tinker with the name until you can get an URL which no one else is using.

Now write a review of your product and publish it on the blog.

(Don’t be tempted to fiddle with the blog, changing the template, or adding other extraneous material to it. Your aim is to make a sale, not to have a great looking blog.)

3. Advertise Your Review

Now you’ve got a review page on the blog, you make sales by sending traffic to that review. A small percentage of your site visitors will buy your product. Therefore the more targeted traffic you can send to the review the better.

Beware of promotional tactics which will send you traffic, but which don’t make sales for you.

Social media marketing is notorious for sending traffic which doesn’t convert. In general social media marketing sites like Twitter and Facebook are not great at sending you targeted traffic. You may get lots of site visitors but not make a single sale.

4. Choose Another Product

Now the process starts all over again with another product. Can you see how simple this process is? As long as you keep your eyes on the prize — sales — affiliate marketing is amazingly simple. Only you can make it complicated.

I’ve heard from affiliate marketers who “studied” for three years without selling a single product.

Don’t be like them. Makes sales — it really is simple — here’s a tip: join Wealthy Affiliate if you’re new, it will boost your success fast.

What if you had 1000 websites, each making $3 a day?


Yes, that would be $3000 a day, which is over ONE MILLION dollars a year. That would take care of the mortgage, wouldn’t it? If you think this is just a dream, explore the Mini Site Formula. You could be well on the way to your 1000 sites within a day or two.

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