Affiliate marketing: the right business model for you?

Affiliate marketing is highly popular. Is it the right business model for you?

Here’s a great article.

The Pros & Cons Of The Affiliate Model | SEO reports on one of the benefits, that there’s a tiny startup cost.

“High Competition – One of the pros of affiliate marketing is that is is easy to sign up and get started.

This is also a negative.

If it is easy for you to sign up, then it is easy for everyone to do likewise. There are new affiliate hordes arriving each and every day. The incentive for the merchant and affiliate network is to sign on as many performing affiliates as they can, so they don’t really care if you face ever increasing levels of competition.

This is why top affiliates look for private deals. More on this shortly.”

Read the entire article, it’s excellent.

Then think about how you can differentiate yourself as an affiliate. How can you do more with affiliate marketing and get more sales?

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