Affiliate Mini Sites Can Make Big Money for You: 4 Tips

New to affiliate marketing? You can make money online with affiliate mini sites. In this article will look at four easy steps so you can create your first site today.

Here’s the affiliate mini site process:

1. Create a Small Web Site With One Primary Page

Affiliate mini sites are small websites. They have one primary page, as well as standard pages such as a privacy policy page, an “about” page, and a contact page.

You can use the primary page to write a review of your chosen affiliate product. Make the review comprehensive and interesting, and make sure that you close with a call to action — the call to action will lead the reader to the affiliate product sales page.

2. Advertise the Site

Your next step is to promote your small site. If you’ve created your affiliate mini site in WordPress, WordPress offers RSS feeds, and you should promote the site’s feed. Add the feed to RSS directories, and you’ll start getting traffic immediately. Since Google loves WordPress, your new site should be indexed quickly, often within hours.

Promote your site in any way you can. If you have some capital to invest, use Pay Per Click marketing. This is a fast way to get traffic and sales.

No money? Use free methods of promotion. You can use online classified sites, article directories, and forum marketing.

3. Got Sales? Do More Advertising

When you’re creating affiliate mini sites, your aim is to create many sites, not just one or two. Some sites will make sales for you immediately, other sites will take time. I’ve had sites which have taken up to six months to make a sale. Since it just took me a couple of hours to create the site, I’m not in the least concerned how long it takes to make sales.

Once you’ve made a sale from a site, do a little more promotion and advertising for this site. Some of your affiliate mini sites will be hot, and some will really take off.

4. Create Your Next Affiliate Mini Site

Creating these small sites is a process. The more sites you create, the more money you will make. So once you’ve completed one site, create another. The only limit on your income is your own enterprise.

What if you had 1000 websites, each making $3 a day?


Yes, that would be $3000 a day, which is over ONE MILLION dollars a year. That would take care of the mortgage, wouldn’t it? If you think this is just a dream, explore the Mini Site Formula. You could be well on the way to your 1000 sites within a day or two.

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