Article Marketing – 10 Tips for Success

You can start your own home based business even if you’re broke, when you use article marketing. Here are my top 10 tips for success.

1. Set Goals for Your Article Marketing

Goals are vital. Make your goals achievable, measurable and specific. Transform your goal by chunking them down into action steps to complete daily.

2. Write at Least Two Articles Every Day

Your articles will work faithfully for you as online sales people forever, and the more you have selling for you, the more your business will grow. Write at least two articles every day.

3. Remember to Use the Keywords Searchers Use – the Search Engines Are Your Friends

Use the keywords which searchers use. There are many free online keyword research tools; use them, and then use the keywords in your articles. However, don’t overdo it. Forget “keyword density”, it’s nonsense, and leads to unnatural writing, which the search engines penalize.

4. Your Articles Are Advertising – your Resource Box is Vital

You give free information in your articles. Your resource box is your chance to share your advertising message. Treat it as an online ad, and use split testing to see which boxes get the most click throughs.

5. Original Content Is King Online – Write from Your Own Experiences

Original content is king. Don’t rehash others’ articles. Write from your own experiences for real success.

6. Be Patient – Expect a Three Month Lag Until You Achieve the Best Results

It takes time for the search engines to index your articles and start sending you traffic. Expect it to take around three months.

7. Get Enthusiastic – Read Motivational Literature and Listen to Tapes

Your enthusiasm sells, and it comes through in your articles’ tone. Read and listen to motivational materials to stay enthusiastic and motivated.

8. Keep Your Plans to Yourself – Avoid Others’ Sabotage

Few people understand the online world, and even fewer understand article marketing. Keep your plans to yourself. Your friends don’t mean to sabotage you, but their doubts will infect you. Stay positive… be quiet about what you’re doing. Just do it.

9. Track Your Articles – Write Reports

Each month, write a report for yourself about how your articles are progressing. Check their rankings in the search engines. Which articles got the most views?

Just write a one-page report. Your reports will track your progress, and will motivate you, as you see your earnings increase month by month.

10. Ideas Are Everywhere – Keep an Idea Notebook

Keep an idea notebook. Ideas are everywhere, but they’re ephemeral. Write them down so you’ll never run out of article ideas.

DIY Copywriting – the Secret to Business Success

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