Article Marketing: 3 Clever Ways to Improve Your Results Fast

Have you discovered article marketing? It’s an excellent way to market your business, because it’s free advertising. let’s look at three ways you can boost the results you get.

1. Promote Your Articles

Your articles are promotions, but have you ever considered that you should also promote your articles? Promoting your articles means you get more traffic to your site, and more conversions.

You can promote your articles by using press releases.

This is very effective, because they will keep sending you traffic for years to come.

You can also promote your articles using the social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are useful, and you can turn your articles into YouTube videos.

2. Get Links to Your Articles

When you publish your articles in directories, you hope that the site’s visitors will republish your articles on their own sites, and will include the resource box. Any link back to your own site gives you more traffic.

You can also approach publishers directly, offering them exclusive articles that you’ve written just for them. (However, please don’t spam anyone.)

Bloggers especially are always on the lookout for fresh content, so offer bloggers in your niche articles you’ve already written, or offer to write exclusive articles for them.

3. Use Your High-Conversion Articles to Understand Your Customers

Some of your articles will more popular than others. Review the statistics of your articles, and each month, check to see which of your articles received the most views and which resulted in the highest conversions.

Tracking your statistics helps you to understand your customers, and enables you to give them what they’re looking for. Remember that your customers’ needs are always changing. If you pay attention to your articles’ statistics you can catch trends early, and can benefit from them.

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