Article Marketing for Affiliate Products: 3 Reasons It’s Not Working

Are you using article marketing to promote affiliate products? This can be a very effective strategy, however it’s also a much-used strategy, so there’s lots of competition. Here are three reasons that it may not be working for you.

1. You’re Promoting the Wrong Product(s)

If you’re promoting products which are extremely popular, you have lots of competition. This means that you’ll need to think of innovative ways in which to get people to buy from your affiliate link. You can’t do the same promotions that everybody else is doing and expect to make lots of sales.

Products come into fashion, and they go out of fashion, so ideally you’ll start promoting a product when it’s just coming into fashion — just before it gets hot. If you’re promoting when a product is nearing the end of its popularity, you won’t make sales.

You need to test lots of products, and then focus on the products which start to make sales.

2. You’re Promoting to the Wrong Audience

Every product in existence has more than one audience, but affiliate marketers focus on one audience to the exclusion of others.

Choose a product which you’re currently promoting and think about other audiences the product might be suitable for. Then test the product, by using article marketing to focus on the new audience you’ve selected.

3. You’re Just Not Promoting Enough

Article marketing is effective and it’s very inexpensive. The benefit of articles is that they stay online for years, and keep selling for you for years. However, because article marketing is so effective, and because there’s a low cost of entry, it’s very competitive.

How many articles have you written to promote your latest product? If you’ve only written ten articles, you probably haven’t written enough. Depending on the niche, expect to have anywhere from 100 to 500 articles working for you, for each product group you’re promoting.

Yes, it’s a lot of articles. However you don’t need to write them all next week, you should be promoting many products, and over time you’ll build up the number of articles you have promoting each product.

You can make great money with affiliate marketing when you write articles, if you’re using the right strategies.

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