Article Marketing for Newbies: Three Essential Tips

Are you new to article marketing? You can make money from your articles, however you need to get started on the right foot. Here are three essential tips for success.

1. Remember That Article Marketing Is Advertising

Article marketing is basically advertising, using information as bait. The aim of the information is to be useful, to serve as an introduction to you and your services, and to gain credibility.

Therefore, get familiar with the product or service that you’re promoting. Remember that each article you write is an introduction to that product, and make that introduction count.

2. What Do Your Prospects Get out of Your Promotions?

In your articles, you’re giving away free information. You need to ensure that that information is valuable to your prospects. If it’s not valuable, and not credible, you’re doing a disservice to whatever it is you’re promoting.

Remember that your articles will stay online for years, and will keep selling for you for years, but only if they stay in the search engines’ indices. If people click away from your articles instantly, your articles will be be dumped, and won’t be visible to searchers.

This is why it’s a mistake to focus solely on quick clicks.

Article views matter little: what matters is the response. It’s much better to get fewer article views and more sales rather than many article views and no sales at all.

Therefore, make your articles credible and valuable. Every article you write could still be selling for you five years from now — if you put little effort into them.

3. Plan and Execute: Schedule Your Promotions

Article marketing is becoming more competitive. It’s always been popular, but as more businesses become aware of the value of article marketing, there’s more competition for article views.

This means that you need to write more articles to get results this year than you needed to write last year, and you’ll need to write even more articles next year to get the same results.

Therefore, you need to create plans and execute them. Once you’ve executed a plan, review it, to see what the results were.

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