Article Marketing Giants: Crunch! They Just Ate Your Lunch

If you do article marketing, you’re set in your cosy little ways. You’re making money, and the cost is minimal.

But listen: can you hear and feel those earth-shaking footsteps? What’s happening?

That’s the sound of the multi-million-dollar, high-spending companies coming to eat your lunch.

Two factors are combining to create this disaster:

* The global financial crisis — nowadays, for big companies, every dollar spent has to get a return; and

* Big companies’ customers have moved online, and they’re scrambling after them.

You’re about to face truly massive competition, which can out-spend you, and out-last you.

What can you do?

Chris Knight gives you some great ideas in this article: Big Business Comes to the Article Marketing Sandbox.

If you’re wise, you’ll take the steps he recommends. YES, you CAN save your lunch.

As Chris says:

“As article writers and marketers, we need realize that our sandbox is about to change forever and it’s going to get a whole lot busier. This change does NOT signal the end of our incredibly cool sandbox, though. Provided we take advantage of what we have that they don’t, there is a world of opportunity opening up as the big kids start playing with, and appreciating, the local kids with their pile of assorted sandbox toys.

To survive, and thrive, under this new paradigm you’ll need to be prepared for the changes that are coming. But with a little forethought, planning and action, everyone can ultimately succeed.”

Yes, you’re busy, and you don’t need this additional aggravation… but if they can, the big companies will snatch what you have. Remember however, that every crisis always contains an opportunity. This is your chance to revamp your business model, and make more money than ever.

The article marketing game is becoming truly exciting. :-)

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