Article Marketing: Permanent Free Advertising and Great ROI

What if I told you that you could advertise for free on Google every day? I’m sure you’d think I was crazy. However it’s true, article marketing gives you permanent free advertising on the search engines and a great ROI.

Check out your competitors’ sites. Are they using article marketing? If they are, check to see how they’re using it. Do several search engine searches for their name and the names of their products. You may be shocked to discover that on the search engines, their sites out-rank your site by a wide margin.

This is the result of article marketing. They’ve tapped into an area of profits which you haven’t even begun to explore.

Let’s see how you can start using article marketing to level the playing field between you and your competitors.

1. You need a plan, so create one

Your first step in creating an article marketing campaign is to do some keyword research. Make a list of key words you’d like to target. This list will continue to grow over time. You’ll find that your keyword list is the most powerful weapon you have in article marketing.

Each page on your side should target a maximum of two keywords.

2. Write a list of article titles

When you start with keyword research it can seem as if you are just using keywords and writing articles around them. However your aim is to create valuable Web content which people will visit your site just to read, so you are writing for people not the search engines.

Include a key word in your article titles.

Write the articles or have someone write them for you.

Now post half the articles to your own site, and post the rest to article directories. The content on your own site will draw search engine traffic, and the articles in the article directories will bring new traffic which originates with the directories as well as with the search engines.

3. Track the results of your article marketing efforts

Although your articles may bring you some instant traffic, your traffic will increase over time. With each day that a single article is online it becomes more deeply embedded in the Web. It may be published by other sites, referenced by other sites, people will link to the article too. So the traffic from a single article can be huge.

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