Article Marketing Profits: 5 Ways to Increase Your Income

Want an easy way to increase your small business income? Here it is: use article marketing. Using this easy form of free advertising has many benefits.

Firstly let’s discuss what article marketing actually is. Article marketing is a form of “free” advertising, in which you provide content to other websites in return for a small ad at the bottom of your article leading to your own Web site.

Here are five ways to increase your income with article marketing.

1. Article Marketing increases Your Online Presence

Article marketing increases your online presence. The more links which lead to your site, the more traffic to your site will receive. In this way, article marketing helps you to make more sales every day.

2. Your Articles mean that You’re Perceived As an Expert in Your Area

The more articles you have available online the more you will be perceived as an expert in your area. This builds both trust and credibility.

When you’re trusted because people have seen your name many times, the sales process is easy.

3. With Article Marketing, you Can Use Your Expert Status As a Consultant

You can use your expert status.

Why not become a consultant? Many businesses will pay you handsomely for your expertise. As an expert, you have knowledge that other businesses need, and you can benefit from that yourself.

4. Article Marketing Means that You can Increase Your Rates — You’re an Expert

Article marketing increases the perception that you’re an expert. Since you are the leading expert in your field, you should be charging more than others do. This is a way of increasing your income without doing additional work.

5. You Can Monetize the Traffic from Your Articles

In addition to publishing your articles to article directories, you can publish them on your own sites and blogs. Not everyone who visits your site will buy from you, but they may buy from your advertisers, so that you get a commission.

By using these article marketing tips you can increase your profits with very easily.

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