Article Marketing Success – Avoid the Bum-marketing Mistake

Article marketing in the form of “bum marketing” is very popular online. It’s used by those new to the Web, who want to make affiliate income, without creating their own Web site.

There’s a huge mistake you can be making with your bum marketing, and you should be aware of it.

Here it is: avoid writing endless articles promoting a variety of products without building your own business at the same time.

Article marketing as practiced by bum marketers works like this.

They choose an affiliate product, and write 30 articles promoting the product, by posting their articles to article directories.

Invariably, this means a lot of writing. However, some of these bum marketers do make the system work for them before they burn out.

But there’s an easier, more effective method, which ensures that your articles keep working for you in the months and years to come.

Write Reviews Promoting Your Chosen Products and Post Them to Your Own Site or Blog

Choose four affiliate products in any area, and write a review of each and post it to your site. Then write a comparison review of all four products.

Now you can start marketing your site to the article directories using standard bum marketing. Direct readers to your site’s comparison review. You want to have lots of links to the site, so that you start getting lots of organic traffic. This traffic costs you nothing, it’s sent to you by the search engines.

Next, choose another four products and repeat the process. You can get another domain name for these products, or put your reviews onto your original domain.

The benefits of sending your traffic from article marketing to your own site are immense.

Not only do you have a site which attracts traffic year round, whether you write additional articles or not, but you’re also building a business – and a site – which you can monetize, or even sell at some stage.

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