Article Marketing Success: Get the Results You Want Fast


You’re launching a product, and are using article marketing as part of your strategy. How do you get the results you want quickly? Let’s look at a simple process you can use.

I’ve been creating content marketing campaigns for my copywriting clients and for myself for years. The operative word is “campaign.” As the competition for attention online becomes tougher, you need to plan your strategy, track, and follow through.

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

* Write down what you want to achieve, in a single sentence. Don’t skip this. As your campaign goes into action, it’s easy to lose focus and become distracted;

* Create a short, punchy name for the product you’re promoting. This is especial vital if you’ll be using affiliates;

* Decide when and where you’ll syndicate your articles and other material;

* Create a content plan. Consider both your audience, and your product. Your audience has questions — answer these questions in your articles.

Before the Launch: Create Buzz for Your Product With Articles

A couple of months before your launch, it’s time to create buzz, and yes, you’ll do this using articles.

Write a series of articles targeting your market. Your aim at this stage is to get sign ups to a mailing list. Therefore, in addition to syndicating your articles, write custom content for sites which your target market visits.

If you’re using affiliates, create content for them, too. The more effort you put into helping your affiliates, the better. Few companies do this effectively.

Create a blog for your product too: post your articles to your blog, as well as syndicating them.

After the Launch: Keep Building Momentum

Your efforts before your launch are a prelude. After the launch, keep developing articles and using them strategically. This content answers any questions your buyers have, and encourages them to recommend your product to others.

With article marketing, not only can you get results fast, you can ensure that your content brings sales for years to come.

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