Article Marketing Tips: Make Articles Work Harder

If you’re using article marketing, particularly for affiliate marketing, you want your articles to work hard for you. You spend time and money on them, so you need to get the best return possible on your investment. Let’s look at how you can do that.

I’ve been using articles to market my business for over a decade. I’ve had great success with it, particularly since I started using the following four tips.

1. Write Your Resource Box First

When you promote with articles, you’re offering free information. In return, you want your readers to do something for you: you want them to pay attention to your marketing message.

Ensure that your readers pay attention: spend just as much effort on your resource boxes (also known as bios), as you do on your articles, by writing your resource boxes first.

2. Plan Your Articles in Advance

Consider your article marketing strategies when you’re launching a new product, or are developing a new marketing campaign. Write your article titles and outlines in advance, so that they’re ready to go.

Then you can either have someone write the articles for you, or write them yourself, so that they’re ready for your launch.

3. Use Article Marketing to “Freshen” Your Website and Site Pages

The search engines love fresh content. If you have pages on your website which you haven’t revamped in a while, give them a quick makeover, and then write a few articles to draw attention to them.

The result? More indexed pages, and more traffic and sales.

4. Use Search Engine (SEO) Strategies to Boost Your Articles

Remember to think about how your readers will find your articles, as you write them. Include appropriate keywords, but don’t overdo it. One to two primary keywords are ample.

Keywords change over time. Your audience uses different terminology. If you’re using the same keywords you used last year, do some research: you may find keywords which bring you more traffic.

So there you have it: four simple tips you can use to make your articles work harder for you. Use them to ensure success with your article marketing strategies.

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