Article Writing: Make Easy Profits Fast

Want to make money with article writing? Because articles are so popular online, online marketers want and need them. This means you can get hired to write, but you can also use your skills on your own behalf, and make much more than you can when you write for others.

But how do you get started? Here’s an easy process you can follow, outlining a couple of ways in which you can make great profits. (Hint: there are many more ways, get creative.)

1. Choose a Topic, Create a Blog

Start by choosing a topic with which you’re familiar, and that you enjoy writing about. Countless new parents choose the “parenting” topic, for example. When you choose a topic like this, you’ve got daily inspiration, because you’re writing about what’s happening in your own life.

Big tip: before you choose a topic, make sure that you can make money with this topic. Some topics just aren’t able to be monetized, either because the audience isn’t online, or because the audience doesn’t spend money on their interest.

Once you’ve chosen a “money” topic, create a blog. If you’re experienced, create a WordPress or Joomla blog on your own site. If you’re new, then just create a free Blogger blog.

Now post your articles to your own blog, and spend a little time each day looking for ways to monetize your articles.

2. Sell an Affiliate Product with Your Articles

Affiliate marketing is a boon for article writers. When you’re selling an affiliate product, a single article can keep on making money for you for years.

Some of the most popular article directories frown on affiliate links, so here’s how to manage that: buy a domain name, and then redirect it to the merchant via your affiliate link. A domain name is around $10, but with a collection of articles constantly sending traffic, you can make many times that amount daily.

Article writing can be your route to easy profits. With the Web growing daily, so are your opportunities.

“Affiliate marketing is a scam!”


I used to think that too, until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Join us: we’re the happiest online marketers you’ll find, and the friendliest too. Turn your hobby into a full-time, exciting career — you get ALL the information, tools (great tools!) and help you need.

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