Article Writing Success With Traffic Generating Articles

Want to generate great traffic to your website? Try writing articles. The traffic you generate with articles is ongoing; traffic will keep arriving at your website for years to come. This makes articles the cheapest and best form of advertising.

But how do you ensure that your articles bring you traffic? Here are three tips.

1. Create Great Titles

Most of your traffic will reach your site via the search engines. This means that your article titles should contain the keywords you’re targeting, as well as a benefit to the reader.

For example: in the title: “Dog Training: 5 Easy Tips You Can Use Today”, the keyword is “dog training”, and the benefit is: “5 Easy Tips You Can Use Today.”

The article description is also vital — look on the article description as a small advertisement for your article in the search engines.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about article titles: as long as they’re moderately appealing, your articles will do very well.

2. Inform, Educate and Persuade

Although article writing is a form of advertising, you’re not allowed to sell in the body of the article. All your selling is done in the “resource box” at the end of an article. Therefore consider that the body of your article should have two primary aims: to inform and to educate. You can persuade and sell in your resource box.

Once you realize that you don’t really have to sell in the article, you’ll understand that your article topics can be many and varied, as long as they’re linked in some way to what you’re trying to sell in the resource box.

3. Set Goals for Your Articles

If you believe that article marketing “doesn’t work” it’s because you’ve never taken the time to create an article marketing campaign and tracked it.

Once you get into into the habit of writing articles in campaigns to achieve a specific goal, and track those campaigns, you’ll realize that article marketing always gives you a great return on investment.

If you haven’t tried article marketing, get started today. Within a short time you’ll have increased traffic and will be convinced of your articles’ value.

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