Article Writing Tips: Keyword Pitfalls to Avoid

Writing articles for the web can be highly profitable, but sometimes you won’t get the results you want. Often this is because you’re using keywords incorrectly. Let’s look at three pitfalls you should avoid.

1. Boring Your Reader

If you have an intense focus on keywords, you risk boring people. Ensure that your articles are written for readers, not for the search engines. Make them as information-packed, and as interesting, as possible.

Focus on one primary keyword per article. If you use it once in the title, and a couple of times in the text, that’s enough.

Read magazines to see how professional writers make their material readable.

2. Thinking That the More Often You Use a Keyword the Better

Remember to use your primary keyword sparingly.

Forget “keyword density.” The search engines are getting very smart, and overstuffing your articles with keywords means that search engines will discount them and won’t return them as searches, because they’ll be considered web spam.

You can see this for yourself when you track the results you get with your articles. You’ll be surprised that in those articles in which you focused on what you were trying to say, you get more readers, because your articles will be more appealing.

3. Forgetting That All Keyword Data Is Historical

All keyword data is historical. This means that all the tools you use will only show you what people searched for in the past. They can’t show you what people will search for today, or at any day in the future. Therefore, rather than relying on tools, use your brain.

Think about yourself as a reader. What would you like to know about your topic? What would cause you to drop everything you’re doing and focus on reading a particular article?

Enjoy your writing: you’ll discover that when you avoid these common pitfalls, you’ll achieve more success.

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