Beginning marketing – take it slow

Marketing is a major part of your home business success. It’s no exaggeration to say that the more prepared you are to market, the bigger your business success.

If marketing scares you, you may be hoping to avoid it.

Unfortunately, you can’t. But no matter how terrified you are, there’s hope – when you do it every day, marketing just becomes something to do. Before too long, it will be the most enjoyable aspect of your day, because it is the most creative part of your day.

When you’re just starting out, choose a single marketing method per month, and just use that. I’ve run many businesses, and this is what I’ve always done. Just take it slow, and focus on one thing, until you know it so well you can do it in your sleep.

Craigslist, the free online classifieds site, works for many people. You can build your entire business just on marketing on Craigslist.

If you’re completely new to marketing your own home business, I recommend Craigslist because you really can’t go wrong. You’re not spending money, you’re just spending time. Other forms of marketing like PPC aren’t for newbies – it’s too easy to lose money.

A marketing tip – massive action

Marketing is cumulative. This means that all marketing you do will have an impact, and that impact grows as you do more marketing.

When you’re just starting out, you’re at zero. You have no impact at all. If you create a Web site, you’ve made a small impact… not enough to run a business on.

But as you do more marketing every day – add ten ads a day to Craigslist, for example – you’re making more of an impact every day.

As time passes, and you market consistently, your impact grows, and before too long, you’ve got a home business which will make you many times more than you could make at a job.

So get started with your marketing. Do a little every day, and before you know it, your business will be thriving.

Become a Copywriting Master Fast

Copywriting is writing for business: promotional writing. Copywriters write material like advertisements and compared to most writers, they’re VERY highly paid.

The explosion of the influence of the Web means that copywriters are flooded with offers of work. Even new copywriters find it easy to get copywriting gigs and to build their copywriting services business.

If copywriting intrigues you, join me in my Copywriting Master Class. I’ll take you from copywriting novice to pro.

“Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” gives you a comprehensive copywriting course, as it helps you to set up your copywriting services business.

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