Bestselling Ebooks – The Perfect Home Business

Writing and selling ebooks is a great home business. You can start part-time, and then turn it into a full-time profession. However, the key is “bestselling.”

Not every ebook you create will become a bestseller, but with a little thought and planning, you can increase the odds considerably that your ebook will sell not one, but many copies every day.

Knowledge For Sale – How To Pick Bestselling Topics

Everyone has problems. Some problems we’re strongly aware of. Perhaps we have relationship or financial problems, or a health challenge. Other problems are just irritations – we’d like a solution, and would snap up an ebook if it seemed to present one.

The key to creating bestselling ebooks is to zero in on the problems which people have, and for which they want a quick solution.

If you’ve purchased ebooks in the past (I hope you have, if you’re going into this business) write down the names of the ebooks and WHY you bought them.

“Why” can give you topics for bestselling ebooks.

For example, I bought an ebook on getting started with Mac computers when I switched from Windows to a Mac. Macs are blindingly simple to use, but as a Windows user, I was used to doing things the hard way, and the ebook quickly helped me to become a Mac person.

It wasn’t a great ebook, and at the time I thought of writing a better one. If I had time, I’d still do it, because people are switching from Windows to Macs every day, and they need to know – quickly – how to get comfortable with their new machine… and they’re willing to pay for that knowledge.

When you find a topic, use a search engine to check whether others are selling ebooks on that topic. If they are, this is a signal that you should investigate further. If no one is selling an ebook on that topic, proceed with caution. It’s likely that no one has had the idea, but it’s also likely that no one buys ebooks on that topic.

So take a little time to think, plan and investigate before you write your ebook (or hire someone to write it for you). Your next ebook may become a bestseller, and the foundation of a great home business.

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