Blog – Four Fatal Mistakes to Avoid for a Money Making Blog

Want to make big money from your blog? Thousands of people are already doing that. You can too, if you avoid four fatal mistakes.

A money making blog is a destination; it has loyal readers, because it provides them with information and entertainment they can get nowhere else. It’s important to keep this in mind, because the amount of income you make from your blog depends on your traffic.

So let’s look at the four fatal mistake to avoid.

1. You Write About Yourself

If you’re not a celebrity – that is, if you’ve never hit the front pages of a newspaper – don’t write about yourself.

You could do this successfully, if you have writing skill and can write like Dave Barry, but for 99.5 per cent of bloggers writing about yourself and your life is a fatal mistake.

2. You Write in Areas in Which There Are No Advertisers

As soon as you decide on a subject for your blog, check whether there are advertisers. Here’s a tip: if there’s a glossy advertising-supported magazine on your subject, you’re good to go.

Type the subject of your blog into Google’s search query field, and look to check whether there are Sponsored Links on the right of the query results page. If there are, your subject has advertisers, and again, you’re good to go.

3. You Lack Enthusiasm for your Subject

Does your blog’s subject excite you? I’m a writer, so I’d write about writing even if no one ever paid me to do it.

You’ll need passion for your subject, because blogging is a marathon, rather than a sprint. You need the enthusiasm to write about your subject every day.

A lack of enthusiasm for the subject of the blog is the main reason many blogs which are otherwise well thought out, and which have great potential, fail.

4. You Rehash Material That’s Available Elsewhere

Over the past year, everyone has discovered blogging, from major corporations to kids. So aim to project your own ideas, thoughts, experiences and insights into your blog.

If your blog just covers what everyone covers about the subject matter, there’s no reason for people to return to your blog every day.

So there you have four fatal mistakes to avoid for a money making blog. Will your blog be a success? Of course it will – get started today.

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