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Want to become a blog millionaire? Blogging is a great home business. Not only can you make money from your armchair, but starting is easy… just start.

Yes – start. Starting intimidates blogging newbies, but you can only learn how to blog by blogging. In the days, weeks and months you spend “learning”, you could be making money. This is because blogging is experiential: you can only learn by doing.

Every niche (topic area) is different, and you’ll need different techniques to get traffic and income, so if the idea of blogging intrigues you – start, don’t wait.

How to Get Started – Use Blogger

Almost every blogger has used Google’s Blogger platform at some stage, and many experienced bloggers have many blogs on that platform, so don’t feel that you need to buy a domain name and install WordPress before you start to blog.

Yes, WordPress is great, and you will eventually want to move to WordPress or another Content Management System like Joomla, but since you can create a Blogger blog in less an a minute, use that.

For your first blog, choose a topic you enjoy writing about. Your “starter” blog is exactly that. Chances are you’ll create several blogs before you hit on a topic which is not only easy and exciting for you, but which draws a lot of traffic and makes you a great income.

Among my blogging students, my biggest headache is convincing them that you can’t make a mistake blogging. Every blog you create, and each post you write, teaches you something. And the more you learn, the closer you are to creating a great blog.

A Warning – Stick to the Point

Most of any blog’s traffic comes directly from the search engines. This means that you need to focus your blog. Don’t create an “everything” blog, writing about sports, your life, your kids, politics, and vacations, because you have no hope of getting traffic from the search engines.

Stick to a single topic, and don’t consider writing about yourself. In our example above, your blog could be about basketball or any other sport. If you wanted to write about politics, create another blog. Ditto if you wanted to write about great vacation spots.

Stick to the point, and you’ll get traffic.

You can turn a blog into a great home business, and make money every day from your armchair… just start.

Blogging makes a great home business

Many bloggers blog full time in their blogging home business, and earn a great income – much more than they could earn at a job.

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