Blogging to Make Money: 5 Secrets You Can Use Today

Want to make money blogging? You can. If you want a simple and easy formula that anybody can follow, here are five secrets you can use today.

1. Choose a Product or Service to Promote Which Sells

New bloggers start off thinking that it’s all about the blog. They spend hours tinkering with the template they’re using, and in the case of WordPress, adding plug-ins which may or may not be useful.

This is silly. When you’re blogging to make money, you’ll only make money when you sell something. So your aim should be sales, always. Once you’re making sales, tinker with the blog, but not before.

Big tip: remember that it’s easiest to sell something which is already selling. If other people are selling a product, you can too.

Therefore choose a product which is highly popular and which many people are buying as your first product to promote.

2. Review the Product

Once you’ve chosen your product, write a review. This review doesn’t need to be extensive or complicated. You should however have used the product, or in the case of an information product, have read it or watched it. It’s very difficult to write authoritatively about a product about which you know nothing.

3. Repeat #1 and #2

Once you are making sales with one product, choose another to promote and write review of this product.

4. Create Another Blog, or Expand on the Original

It’s your choice whether you create a new blog for each product you promote, or promote many products on the same blog.

Keep your eyes on sales. Keep blogging about the products which are making sales. You don’t need to write review posts only, you can write simple posts about your experiences with the product. Remember that the selling is done on the sales pages of the product you’re promoting, so your posts should be informative rather than sales material.

If you’re comfortable with videos, create a video or two of you using the product. Videos always sell and they provide an additional way for you to get on the front page of Google and the other search engines.

5. Remember That Targeted Traffic Sells: Focus on Sales

While traffic to your blog is wonderful, untargeted traffic is useless. You want targeted traffic — that is, people who are interested in what you’re promoting and are interested in buying.

If you keep creating content for your blog or blogs, you’ll make sales. The sales will snowball, and gradually you’ll go from making one sale a week to making several sales per day, and then many sales a day.

Step by step to blogging success

Blogging for Dollars is a comprehensive blogging package which helps you to make money blogging.

Pro bloggers can make serious money, whether you choose to blog for a company as a freelance blogger, or build your own entrepreneurial blog. Many bloggers make six figures annually, and blogging networks have been sold for millions of dollars.

Make money blogging today – you’re sure of success with Blogging for Dollars to guide you.

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