Blogging: Top 5 Ways to Get Traffic from Social Media Sites

The social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can help you to get traffic to your blog. If you don’t have much money to spend on promotion, these sites can provide you with traffic, for free.

Let’s look at the top five ways to get traffic from the social media sites.

1. Blog Often: More Content and More Followers Mean More Traffic

You’ll be encouraging your followers to visit your blog, therefore it’s essential that you have content for them to read.

One of the big challenges is that it’s hard to get this kind of traffic to convert. Visitors stay for seconds, and leave. Therefore, your aim should be to convert as many visitors as possible so that they become regular readers.

If your blog is new, that is under a year old, you should be spending more time blogging and adding content, than interacting on the social media sites. The more content you have, the more chances you’ll have to win regular readers.

2. Make the News With a Press Release

Many of the commercial press release services include social media options. Investing in several news releases over three months is a great investment in search engine rankings, and blog traffic.

3. Set Goals, and Create a Plan

Do you have goals for your blog? Many new bloggers don’t. I encourage you to create some goals. The five minutes you invest now ensure that your blog will continue to grow, and will deliver the results you want.

You may have several goals, but focus on one goal at a time, and create a blog in plan for each goal.

4. Make It Easy for Followers to Subscribe via RSS

Make the most of your blog’s RSS feed.

Encourage your blog’s visitors to subscribe via a newsreader. Your aim should be not merely to get traffic, but to increase your subscribers. A great way to do this is to offer an incentive for subscriptions.

Many autoresponder applications can integrate with your RSS feed, so that each time you make a post, it’s sent to your subscribers via email.

5. Ask Questions, and Get Ideas for Your Blog

The social media sites are all about interaction. Ask questions of others, and answer the questions that others have posted. Then create blog posts about these questions and your responses.

You can also mine your Twitter stream for blog content ideas: when you blog about what’s being discussed, you’ll get more traffic.

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