ClickBank Affiliate: How Important is Gravity?

If you’re a ClickBank affiliate, you’re aware of gravity. Indeed, you may choose to promote products based solely on this particular indicator. If lots of affiliates are promoting the product, it must be great, right?

The short answer is: Maybe.

Perhaps the product is attracting lots of affiliates because it’s a great product, and it’s selling like the proverbial hot cakes.

On the other hand, the product may simply have had a huge launch. Launches attract affiliates. As the product’s gravity surges, more affiliates jump on: this is the reason why product creators aim to make their launch as big as possible: success breeds success.

What hidden gems are you missing out on when you focus on gravity?

Here’s a secret about ClickBank gravity: low gravity means little competition. As long as a low-gravity product meets a need, and it has a good sales page, then chances are you can do very well with it.

I like to test lots of new products — products which are so new, that they have no gravity at all. Some of these products are duds, but the occasional one is a little goldmine. With no competition, you can sell these products day after day, making a juicy little income on just four or five of these treasures.

Here’s what I do. I visit the ClickBank Research page on Wealthy Affiliate regularly, at least once or twice every week, and I check out the new products. If I find a product in a niche in which I’m interested, which has a good sales page, I buy the product (this is essential), and if I like it, I start promoting it.

Here’s what’s wrong with this method: I need to shift a lot of dirt before I find a diamond.

On the bright side, if I’ve found a diamond, I’ve found a product which will make money for me for months (if I’m lucky for years) to come.

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