Create Your Own Info Product: How to Get Started


You’ve been thinking about creating your own info product. Everyone tells you that you MUST do this, and that it’s a great and relatively easy way to make money online. Unfortunately, it can be a real gamble.

You can shorten the odds however, if you do a little preparation.

Let’s look at how you can get started, so that you end up with a product which sells well.

1. Test the Market for Your Idea First

I’ve had some great ideas for information products. Unfortunately, I went ahead and created the info products without testing the ideas first.

It was a waste of time and energy.

Nowadays, I never create a product until I’ve assessed its chances for success.

You MUST test your idea first.

There are a couple of simple ways you can do that — create a blog, and sell other’s products on it.

In just a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to assess your own product’s chances of success.

If you make sales of others’ products, you’ll make sales of your own product. And, since you already have a blog, you’ve made a great start.

2. Create a Mini Version of Your Product, and Sell It Fast

When you’re entering a new area, don’t start out by launching a major product. The chance that you’ll be able to create a big product, and sell a lot of it in any new area is somewhere between slim and no chance at all.

Create a tiny product first.

Pick a problem the market has — just ONE problem, and create a fast product. If you’re creating an ebook, make it under 20 pages.

See how many of this tiny product you sell.

Again, it’s a way of testing a market without overwhelming yourself. If your mini product sells well, then you can go ahead and create a full product.

You usually develop the wisdom to test your “big” ideas after many flops. Follow the advice I’ve given you, and you can eliminate most of the flops. You’ll create information products which sell well, repaying the effort you’ve put into them.

Discover how you can use blogs to create information products which you KNOW will sell.

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