Customers abandoning eBay Australia?

eBay provides a great venue for start-up home businesses. You can just focus on your business, and allow eBay to manage all your back end operations.

I’m an eBay fan, but I don’t keep up with most of what’s happening on the site, so I don’t know why eBay customers are upset.

Australian eBay users seem to be jumping ship in large numbers, judging by this story.

Australian online auction customers continue to abandon eBay - reports:

“OZtion co-founder Philip Druce says 28,000 new members have joined in the last six weeks, taking total member numbers to 275,000. Over the same period, the value of merchandise traded increased 65% and the number of items up for auction hit a record 670,000. That’s about half of the number of items on eBay Australia and three times as many as on Trading Post, which entered the online auction market last week.”

The story also reports that the Trading Post has just entered the online auction space. That’s good news for you if you’re in Australia, because the Trading Post brand is well known.

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