Easy Blog Traffic in One Hour: Make Money Online Fast

Want to get blog traffic super-fast? You can create a new blog today, and get a quick blast of traffic within ONE hour. Here’s how.

Before we start, let’s discuss a blogging essential which will ensure that some of your initial traffic will turn into RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscribers. When you have subscribers, you have guaranteed traffic.

That essential is: great content. Please add some content to your blog (at least five posts, preferably ten) before you use these instant-traffic tips.

1. Leave Thoughtful Comments on Other Blogs

Other blogs are a great source of traffic. Leave interesting comments on blogs in your niche. Please don’t leave junk comments like: “I love your blog” or “Great post!”

No one is fooled by such self-serving trivia. Your “comment” will be deleted, and rightfully so.

Add to the conversation. Write at least a paragraph or more of useful information and you’ll be a welcome commenter on any blog.

2. Tweet: the More Twitter Followers You Have, the More Traffic

Do you have a Twitter account? This tip works if you’re already established in Twitter, and have followers. If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one today and establish yourself.

Twitter can send you a blast of traffic fast, but as with blog commenting, don’t abuse the process.

You can use Twitter to get a fast blast of traffic to a new blog, and you can keep the traffic flowing as you tweet when you add a blog post.

(You can follow me on Twitter for more make money online tips.)

3. Use other Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tools

Twitter can be used as an SMM tool, and so can the other social networks venues, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

Although these social networks can be a time sink, they’re a brilliant traffic source for any blog once you’re established there, and are using the service.

4. Visit Forums and Add Your Blog’s URL to Your Signature

Visit a forum related to your blog’s niche, and add your blog’s URL (Internet address) to your signature. As with commenting on blogs, ensure that you add to the conversation: don’t spam.

Us the above tips to get traffic to your blog in just minutes. Remember however that good content is essential: focus on content, and your blog traffic will increase each day.

Blogging makes a great home business

Many bloggers blog full time in their blogging home business, and earn a great income – much more than they could earn at a job.

Discover how you can make money blogging, with Angela Booth’s blogging bestseller, Blogging for Dollars – blogging is fun, and profitable.

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