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Graphics can make or break the success of an ebook. It’s estimated that people take about 20 seconds to evaluate whether or not they’re interested in purchasing a book. In the bookstore or online that gives them about enough time to scan the title and graphics, which makes both critically important in the buying decision.

The trouble is, headlines and titles are often easier to come by than graphics which are both attention getting and relevant to the subject matter and as more and more ebooks hit the market ñ there’s an added challenge to be unique. Here are a few tips and strategies to find the right ebook cover graphic.

#1 The most common step ebook creators take is to hit the stock photo websites. This is a great option because the cost for stock photos are relatively low and the search tools make it easy to find a number of options. And many sites offer downloads in a number of sizes making clarity and image quality a non-issue.

However, the problem of uniqueness exists when you use an online stock photo site. The solution is to use sites which show how many times the photo has been downloaded. This limits the chance that it’s been pasted all around the internet. Search online for free graphics.

#2 Hire a graphic designer. This is a more expensive option however the right graphic designer turns a plain old PDF into a work of art. Take sure when hiring a graphic designer to find out if they create all of their artwork or if they too use stock photos. Ask for samples and make sure all your graphics are original and you have 100% of the rights to them.

#3 Use graphic software. There are a number of quality design software programs created specifically for ebook graphics. Additionally, screenshot software can create good cover art for technology books.

Of course for the do it yourselfer, you can take photos or create cover art using many of the drawing and graphic design programs. Before you get started with any of these options take a look at successful ebooks. What do you like about their cover art? Plan what you want your cover to look like and then seek solutions.

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