Email Marketing Winning Combination: Blog and Autoresponder

Are you looking for an easy way to boost sales? E-mail marketing was highly popular several years ago, but with the growth of spam many people have decided that it’s not worth the effort. Although e-mail messages’ open-rates are lower than they were several years ago, email is still a highly effective sales tactic.

Here’s a combination you may not have considered — use a blog and autoresponder combination to reach your contacts and to make sales.

1. An Autoresponder Builds Your Relationship With Prospects and Makes Sales

Getting traffic to your website takes time and energy, as well as money. If you don’t have a way of capturing the e-mail addresses of your site visitors you’re throwing a lot of money away.

Use an autoresponder to capture e-mail addresses. You’ll need to give your site’s visitors an incentive to give you their e-mail addresses, so ensure that the incentive is valuable in itself because people are becoming more wary and won’t give their e-mail addresses as willingly as they used to do.

2. Why You Need a Blog: Because They’re Indexed Faster

A blog can do a great deal for your static website. While it can take a static website up to 12 months to become indexed by the major search engines, blogs are typically indexed very quickly. Your blog should be indexed within a week to a month, and from then on you can use your blog’s organic search engine traffic to direct visitors to your static site.

3. Combine Both Autoresponder and Blog for an Increase in Sales

Now you have both an autoresponder and a blog, it’s time to combine the two.

Most of the commercial autoresponder programs have an option which will send any blog posts you make to your e-mail list. Check the autoresponder’s help file for the instructions.

This process is very easy to set up. Once you have it working, any blog post you make will be sent out to your e-mail list. This happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything special. You still have the option to send out additional broadcast e-mails to your list whenever you wish, as well as sending out other messages.

It’s not uncommon for marketers to see an instant uptick in sales as soon as they make a blog post, because the blog post is sent to your email list at once, bringing traffic to your site and generating sales.

Need a fast flood of traffic? Try this great new social bookmarking and blog commenting tool. It works great if you’re using a blog and autoresponder combo.

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