Firepow Review: Make Money With High Speed Blogging

Want to make money blogging? Here’s a secret: create more blogs. One blog is rarely enough; the more blogs you have, the more money you’ll make.

Professional bloggers have many blogs. Some may have five or 10 blogs, others have a couple of hundred. Why all this frantic activity? This is because in today’s ultra-competitive climate, blogs need to be super-targeted to get readers and to make money.

Unfortunately setting up blogs takes time. You can set up a WordPress blog in minutes using the Fantastico script, but there’s more to setting up a blog than that. You need to install all the plug-ins you need too. It’s possible to spend several hours in setting up a simple blog, before you’ve even started to add content.

I struggled with setting up new blogs, and always put it off as long as I could. This meant that I was losing money until I discovered Firepow.

Firepow is an amazing blogging environment. Telling you about everything this brilliant program does would take a book, rather than an article, so I’ll just tell you about the three of the features I enjoy most, and also about a pitfall I found with the program.

Great Feature # 1. Install a Gorgeous WordPress Blog in Less Than Five Minutes

These days, I know that installing a new WordPress blog will take me less than five minutes: the blog and all the plugins (dozens of them) I want are installed by Firepow. I can get an idea for a new blog, and have the blog operational faster than I’d ever have believed possible.

If Firepow just installed blogs, I’d be happy, but of course there’s much more.

Great Feature # 2. Add Content Simply and Easily

With Firepow, blog content is a snap. Much of the content can be added to your blogs automatically by other bloggers in the Firepow network. When you want to add your own content, you can quickly add YouTube videos and images at a click.

Great Feature # 3. Get Great Backlinks to Your Blogs

I’m a backlink slacker; chances are you are, too. If you’ve been online for any time at all, you know that getting links to sites is one of the most boring activities in the world. With Firepow, you can relax, not only does Firepow get links for you automatically, you can add links at the rate you choose.

The Pitfall: Trying to Do Too Much Too Quickly — Create a Plan

Once you’re using Firepow, there’s a great chance you’ll try to do too much. After all, when it’s so easy to set up blogs, you can create several a day. All those new blogs add up. You’ll get confused and paralyzed with indecision about what to do next.

Of course Firepow’s thought of that, too. You can end your confusion with Firepow’s Tasks and Task Plans feature, creating overall plans for all your blogs, and specific plans for each blog.

Firepow isn’t for everyone. It’s for committed bloggers, who either want to make money blogging, or who are already making money, but know that with the right tool, they could be making more. Try Firepow; I know you’ll love it.

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