Get Free Web Traffic to Your New Blog Today

Have you created a new blog? Once you’ve created some content for your blog the next step is to get traffic. There are many ways in which you can do this so let’s look at a quick process which will get traffic to your blog today.

1. Answer This Question: Why Should Anyone Visit Your Blog?

Ask yourself this question, and write down the answer “Why should anyone visit my blog?”

Aim for at least five reasons people should visit your blog. This starts you thinking from the point of view of your site’s visitors.

For example let’s say you started a weight loss blog. Your reasons for people visiting your blog could include: you provide dozens of weight loss tips, you have a review of a very popular dieting program, and you offer many other resources.

This list will come in very handy when you promote your blog because you can promote your blog’s benefits to its target audience.

2. Article Marketing Gets Traffic Fast

Article marketing has long been the best form of free advertising for your blog. You provide free information in return for a chance to advertise your blog in an article’s resource box. (Sometimes called a “bio”).

Because articles which are posted to article directories usually stay online for many years, a single article can get you thousands of visitors. So write a couple of articles and post them to article directories — you’ll start getting traffic almost immediately.

3. Comment on Forums Relevant to Your Blog’s Topic

With hundreds of thousands of forms available online there are sure to be several forums related to your blog’s topic. Join a couple of forums, and start interacting. You can’t promote your blog directly on a forum, however you can provide a link to your blog in your signature file. In addition to the link in your signature file, add a tiny snippet taken from one of your “reasons why” people should visit your blog.

The best way to get an ongoing stream of traffic to your blog is to do a little blog marketing every day. You’ll find that all your promotional efforts are cumulative and your tiny trickle of visitors will soon turn into a flood of traffic.

Step by step to blogging success

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