How to Get Motivated to Make Money Online

If you’re new to making money online, you can get depressed if you don’t have instant success. After all, everyone else is making money, why aren’t you?

Here’s a secret. What people who are making great incomes won’t tell you is that there’s no such thing as instant success. Everyone starts where you are. Everyone mistakes mistakes. Everyone fumbles as they learn.

If you understand that it’s a learning process, and that you will succeed if you set goals and don’t quit, you’ll retain your motivation, most of the time.

Do you know how to set goals and achieve them? This is a master skill — once you learn the skill, you’ll have it for life, and you’ll achieve anything you want to achieve, because you’ll know how to get motivated.

Here’s how I learned.

Many years ago, when I was in my late twenties, I decided that I would achieve the goal I’d had since I was eight years old, and learned that people made money writing books.

I decided that I’d give myself until I was 40 to get a book published. If I hadn’t achieved it by then, I’d completely give up my childhood dreams.

The world was very different then. I wrote on an IBM typewriter: personal computers didn’t exist, nor did the web’s instant communication. I sent my manuscripts to the other side of the world by airmail.

I kept writing: I wrote one complete book proposal a month.

It took me less than 12 months to achieve my goal: a major international publisher gave me a contract for my first book.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I had a clearly defined goal, with a deadline;

2. I planned what I would do to achieve the goal;

3. I set daily tasks which would help me (I hoped) to achieve the goal; and

4. I worked every day, weekends included, on those tasks I’d set.

I stayed motivated because I had a burning desire (I was a big fan of Think & Grow Rich). This was my huge lifetime goal, and I was determined that I’d give it everything I had.

Of course I had doubts. Whenever they arose, I just thought about my goal again.

You can do this too. Set a major, all-consuming goal which arouses intense desire. Then create a plan, and work that plan.

Start by discovering the Think & Grow Rich process — you’ll get motivated, and you’ll achieve.

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