How to use your Internet marketing list

As I’m sure you know, “a list” is what an internet marketer calls the people who have subscribed in order to get something of value from her. Typically, the marketer has a sign-up box, or opt-in box, on her blog or website and she gets people to sign up by offering something of value for free.

This can be:

* a report
* an ebook
* a newsletter
* tips and info
* a podcast
* insider secrets
* an ecourse
* a teleseminar

When someone signs up to your list, they get the freebie and you get their email address. Why is this important? Once you have their email address you can go about building a relationship, earning their trust, and selling products to them.

If studies show it takes a marketer an average of seven contacts with each person before they’ll buy, then a list is a must. Yes, the marketer can sell products to people who’ve come to her website one time and decided to buy. But then those people go away. If she gets them on her list, she can market to them again and again as she creates more products or promotes affiliate products .

Not only can you sell to your list, you can get feedback from them about what products they’d like you to create next. Set up a survey or poll and find out what they want. You can also gather up the questions they’ve sent you and make the product based on that. Just think of how many buyers you’ll have with your product tailored to their issues.

A cold list vs. a warm list

A cold list is the one that comes from giving something away for free in a giveaway event. You’ve lured these people in for the freebie, but now you have to do some work to keep them. Give value before you start promoting to them. Emails showing some of your personality along with some no-strings-attached information will go a long way in building a relationship with your subscribers. You will eventually start throwing in some promotions too, but there’s no rush. It’s true that some freebie seekers will opt out of your list as soon as they receive your freebie, but they probably were never going to buy from you anyway.

A warm list may have started out cold, but they’ve been primed and are eager to buy from you. Many of them already have and because you give great value for the money, they’ll buy from you again. Don’t get sloppy and stop sending value in your emails. Sending nothing but promotional emails is abusing your list and even people who were once happy with you will unsubscribe.

Having a list is very important for your internet marketing success. Having a lot of people on your list is great, but what’s important is remembering they’re people. A good rule of thumb is to send out the kind of emails you’d like to receive.

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