Just ONE Affiliate Marketing Essential

Want to become an affiliate marketer? At the top levels, marketers are making millions. Many more marketers are making a great income.

Unfortunately however, many marketers never get traction: they waste money and years, chasing the next bright shiny “new” object, and barely make enough money to cover their basic costs.

Here’s the ONE affiliate marketing essential

There’s just one affiliate marketing essential you must have, and here it is: you must have a relationship with your buyers.

People will buy from your affiliate links consistently, if they know you and trust you.

Look at the top marketers: they build their lists, in any way they can. They know that their mailing list is cash in the bank to them.

Occasionally I browse affiliate marketing forums, and it’s easy to see who’ll make it in affiliate marketing and who won’t. The people who’ll make it aren’t looking for tricks.They avoid anything with “auto” in the title. They know that their success depends on their own efforts, and only on that.

If you understand that affiliate marketing is all about relationships, you’ll do well.

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