Keywords and your Web site

Your keywords can make you money, or they can lose you money. I know it’s hard to get keywords right, but it’s worth thinking about them because keywords get you traffic, and when you have traffic, you can make money online.

Read this article -6 Common Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Money which reports a common Web site error:

“4. No keyword phrase focus in the content or conversely, keyword phrase stuffing. It never ceases to amaze me when people claim to have optimized a page, but there are no keyword phrases anywhere to be seen within the content. I suppose this might happen because they’ve put them in the keyword meta tag and assume they’ve optimized. (It’s a good thing they’ve come to our class when this is the case!)”

What are your primary keywords for your site?

You must know what keywords you’re targeting, not only for your site as a whole, but also for each page, because the search engines don’t index sites, they index pages.

So choose one or two primary keywords for your site, and one or two for each page. Use your keywords naturally. The search engines are becoming cleverer by the day, so they’ll do a great job for you if you let them. :-)

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