List marketing: who the heck are you?

I’m an affiliate marketer, and so I buy a lot of affiliate products, especially affiliate products touting affiliate marketing.

Here’s what annoys me: if I buy an affiliate product from someone who’s charging $97 or $197 or even more, why don’t they follow their own advice, as touted in the product?

For the tenth time this week, I’ve received a message which looked a lot like spam, but no, it was from an affiliate marketer.

Dear affiliate marketer, if you do these things, please buy a clue:

* Send a message with a spammy title like: “This is amazing!”

* Start your message with “Dear Angela” and nothing else, so I have to scroll to the end of the message to try to figure out who you are and why I should care;

* Tell me about a free video I should watch, because I’m going to make $346,877 in ten minutes… I don’t know about you, dear affiliate marketer, but I have NO TIME to watch videos, and if I did have, I wouldn’t be spending it on videos which are obviously sales pitches;

* Try to make your message seem important by using words like “amazing”, “incredible” etc.

PLEASE use a header on your emails, so I know who you are. If I don’t know who you are instantly, your message is going to the spam folder as fast as I can click.

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