Looking for a great money-making WordPress theme?

If you’ve got a WordPress blog, you know that a good theme is rare. A GREAT theme is almost impossible to find, even if you’re prepared to pay big bucks.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on themes which were completely worthless.

So when you find a theme which is truly easy to setup, and is designed for marketers, you want to tell everyone about it. I’ve just changed this site over to the FlexSqueeze theme.

It’s new to me, and I’m thrilled I found it. The theme is clean, is customizable, and just works. It’s the latest version of the Flexibility theme, which I’ve used previously, and I love this new incarnation. I’ll be converting many of my blogs to this amazing theme.

Watch some of the videos — you’ll be amazed at what it can do. (And if you’ve been burned by commercial themes, I understand; it makes you wary. But this theme performs exactly as advertised.)

Initially I looked at the theme for the squeeze page functionality, and I will be using it for that, but what thrills me is how easy this theme is to install, and to use to start making money. NO fiddling, so it’s great if you’re new to WordPress.

Great stuff. FlexSqueeze has just become my favorite theme. Yes, it beats Thesis, which I use on my freelance writing blog and still love — FlexSqueeze just has way more features for online marketers.

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