Make affiliate income with Twitter: Tweetbucks

You’ve got a Twitter account, and you’re ready to make money.

Enter Tweetbucks.

Tweetbucks Brings Affiliate Fees To Twitter Users. Is That A Good Thing? reports:

“Tweetbucks has a database with thousands of online merchants that offer referral fees (or money you get from merchants when your advertisements of a product result in a purchase ), including Amazon, BestBuy, Barnes & Noble and All you need to do is find a product on a retail site, enter it on Tweetbuck’s site, and the startup will automatically shorten (via and convert it to an affiliate enabled link, referencing the site’s data base of online merchants that pay out affiliate fees. You can then add the link to in a Tweet, Facebook status update or FriendFeed message.”

There’s a downside to Tweetbucks. As the TechCrunch article points out, you may start losing followers at speed if you market to them consistently.

The solution? Set up a Twitter account just for your moneymaking efforts, and be sure to send your followers something besides a constant flow of advertising.

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