Make Money Online: 4 Signs You’re Not Ready

Many people want to make money online. The people who succeed at it, and go on to make huge incomes each year, have usually given up several times before they eventually succeeded. Whether you achieve your own monetary goals depends on whether you’re ready, so let’s look at four signs which indicate that you’re not yet ready.

1. You’ve Bought More Than 5 Make-Money-Systems in Five Months

Anyone who wants to make an online income will find themselves joining many mailing lists, and getting many freebies. Most of the products offered, even for free, are valuable. However chances are that you don’t know enough yet to make full use of them.

The next step is to buy products which promise to help you to achieve your goals. However, if you constantly find yourself buying new products and not putting any of the systems which you’ve purchased into operation, you’re just not ready to make money online yet.

2. You Believe That You Can Make Instant Money, Anywhere

The online world is just like the offline world. From a standing start it’s not possible to make money instantly online, unless you win the lottery.

You need background and experience. This is why you shouldn’t get downhearted if you’ve failed at your money making efforts. Each of your attempts has taught you something.

However do realize that the likelihood of you making $10,000 this week from your online efforts if you haven’t even made your first dollar is somewhere between zero and none at all.

3. You Believe Everything Should Be Free

This is a big hurdle in your efforts. You won’t make money online until you realize that you do need to pay for some things. As with every other business, you need a little bit of startup capital. Online businesses tend to be lean, so you won’t need the many thousands of dollars you’d need if you were starting an off-line business, but you do need to spend money.

Once you get over the belief that everything should be free, you’re well on the way to starting to make money online.

4. You Suspect That All the “Make Money Online” Talk Is a Scam

There are many scams online. However it’s a mistake to believe that just because you’re not making any money online no one else is, either. Especially in the Internet marketing area many people are making incomes which far surpass anything they could make at a day job.

Isn’t it about time you stopped TRYING to make money, and actually made some?

here’s how. Stop trying — and do it.


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