Make Money Online – 5 Reasons It’s Not Happening for You

Want to make money online? You’ll find it much easier when you don’t stand in your own way. Here are five reasons it’s not happening.

1. You Don’t Have a Strategy

If teenagers can start and run million dollar online businesses and go to school at the same time, you can make money too, as long as you have a strategy.

“I want to make money online” isn’t a strategy.

“I want to make money affiliate marketing” or “I want to make money writing Web content” or “I want to make money on eBay” is.

2. You Don’t Take Action Every Day

ACTION! needs to be your mantra.

I know several people who’ve been researching making money online for at least a year. They’re searching for the one sure thing which will work for them, preferably with as little effort as possible.

They’ve wasted an entire year, in which they could have taken action, then learned what did and didn’t work, as they continued to take action.

Taking action is vital. Once you find a strategy which may work for you, get started. Just do one thing. Tomorrow, do another thing which you THINK (guess) is what you should do next.

For example, let’s say you choose the affiliate marketing strategy as a way to make money online. Today, pick an affiliate product which resonates with you and which you know something about. Tomorrow, write an advertisement for that product.

You don’t need to know everything to act. Knowledge comes from experience, it doesn’t come from endless hours of research.

3. You Don’t Have a Web Site

Get a Web site. Use it as the hub of your online business.

There’s nothing I can add to this. A Web site is fundamental. By the way, even a Blogger blog is a Web site, so there’s no excuse for not having a site.

4. You Listen to Friends, Relatives and Assorted Know-It-Alls Instead of Yourself

People who are older, younger, smarter, and dumber than you are making money online. In some cases they’re making millions of dollars.

They all got started the same way: by taking action. Here’s what they didn’t do: they didn’t ask for validation.

Listen to yourself, rather than others. Once you hear that little voice within which says: “I could do that” or “That looks easy” pay attention.

Instead of getting on the phone to talk to someone about this discovery of what may work for you, ask yourself what you should DO next.

5. You Lack Confidence (Stubbornness)

Finally, we come to the biggest bugbear of all: fear. All the reasons you’re not making money online already are based on fear.

The end of fear and the rise of confidence comes when you take action in spite of your fear, and have one tiny success. You keep acting, and have another success. Your confidence builds.

Until you have some successes, and even after you do, you need one thing, and that’s a stubborn belief in yourself that you can and will make money online.

Become stubborn, take action, and you will make money online. Nothing and no one will be able to stop you.

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