Make money online – conquer your self-doubt

The online world is a literal gold mine – and you don’t even have to dig to make money online. No shovels required. I’m convinced that just about anyone can make money online.

But there’s a secret to making a huge income online, and here it is: start one project, and keep going.

Your first project will teach you a lot. If you make a tiny amount of money – even $1, the project is a success, because it will go a long way to conquering your self-doubt forever.

Self-doubt stops you before you start

I’ve been a writing teacher for many years. Over time, I can tell who’ll make it as a writer, from their very first message to me.

The person who will make it has a huge desire to write and succeed – they WANT TO WRITE and make money. So they will. That’s all they need, just the desire.

On the other hand, the person who’s unlikely to make it is consumed with self-doubt. The first message they send me tells me a long tale of woe – of illness, misfortune and disaster. This person is making excuses in advance – even before they try.

Self-doubt is not real – it’s an illusion, a mirage

Self-doubt is wonderful. It’s amazing, because it’s a trickster. It brings up everything that’s gone wrong for you in your life. Please realize that these thoughts are NOT REAL – they can have no influence on you if you refuse to be distracted. Just say to yourself: “Yes, thank you for that. But I’m letting you go, right now.”

If you wish, write the thoughts down. This is very effective for some people. Then rip the paper into small pieces, or even burn it. As you rip up the paper, say “I’m letting you go.”

Then just start a project – it will be the start of a new life for you, because as soon as you make your first dollar online, it’s the end of self-doubt.

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