Make money online tips: choose how you want to make money

Not sure how to make money online? Browse through these options. BIG TIP: when you’re just getting started, choose one method, and get that one to work for you first. Then go on to another.

Here we go. Your choices:

Offer a service – Examples include ghostwriting for marketers or creating graphics for their websites. Other services include virtual assistant (VA), web hosting, or website building services.

Affiliate marketing – Sell other people’s products and receive a percentage of each sale. You can do this with or without your own website. Ways of marketing the affiliate products include Pay Per Click, article marketing, creating Squidoo lenses and/or Hubpages.

Blogging – After you get your traffic consistent you can make money selling ad space on your blog and also sell affiliate products that could help your readers.

SEO – Offer your search engine optimization skills to others who don’t have this knowledge or don’t have time to implement the strategies involved.

PLR – Write, or hire someone to write private label rights articles or products and sell them through your website.

AdSense – Put up blogs or websites with content and AdSense ads and make money every time someone clicks on the ad.

Copywriting – This can be a big money-maker if you’re good. It takes skill and knowledge to become an in-demand copywriter. The sales copy is what sells a product and is so very important.

Transcription – Another service option, but growing because of all the people doing recorded interviews these days and wanting them transcribed.

Consulting to offline businesses – Many offline businesses are not yet online. If they are, chances are they’re not optimizing their website and gathering leads. This is where you come in with your knowledge of how internet marketing works.

eBay – You’re selling physical products and there’s money to be made here. Many internet marketers have used this business model successfully.

Flip websites – Create websites, add content, and sell them to the highest bidder. This can work well if you just like setting up websites but don’t like to maintain them.

CPA – Join performance-based CPA networks and make money with their ads.

Online coaching – Develop a coaching program your students can follow online and make money with each new student who goes through.

Create your own product and sell it – You can do this successfully in any niche, as long as you’ve done your research and determined there is a desire for your product.

Joint venture broker – Be the one who brings together two business people and get a percentage of their joint product earnings for structuring the deal.

This is an incomplete list of ways to make money online. Some can make you more money than others, but you shouldn’t let the amount of earnings be your total guide to which one(s) you choose. Do some more research, start with one model, and go for it.

“Affiliate marketing is a scam!”


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