Make money with a blog – part 2

It is best to get started making money online by blogging by identifying and choosing the right tools to get the job done efficiently. This means choosing the right blog platform for your needs. Blog platforms are offered as two options: hosted and standalone.

The hosted option eliminates the hassle of finding a host for your blog as the company takes care of that for you. This option would cost you a monthly fee. is one such company that offers this.

The standalone option allows you to purchase a license for the blogging software, which gives you the right to host it with a hosting company of your choice. is an example of this. This option may give you greater flexibility with tinkering with the software code. You can probably tell this is the option for those who want ultimate control of their blog platforms.

But because youĂ­re probably just getting started with blogging, you should turn your attention to just two choices – and is a hosted blog which is owned by Google and the best part about it is that no monthly fees are charged. That’s right, it is absolutely free. is very popular with those just starting out with blogging because the platform, hosting and domain-names are free. is the other blog platform you should know, which is a standalone option. If you are already hosting some of your websites with a web host, is ideal for you. Not only is free for unlimited use, but it is the best-supported blog platform there is. For ultimate control of your blog, this is as good as it gets. It is the blog platform of choice of today’s savviest bloggers. also offers a hosted option called, Like, offers the platform, hosting and domain names for free. But it is limited in a way that it is less configurable and offers limited control over web design. The choice of blog platform is left entirely up to you, but you definitely cannot go wrong with either or to get you off the ground and running.

Visit the sites mentioned and if you’re going for the hosted option, simply sign-up for an account and you’ll be ready to start blogging immediately. With the standalone option, visit and download the software to your server. There is great communal support with so, if you get stuck at any point during the installation process, just check into the forum and your answer will probably be found there.

Choosing A Name For Your Blog

If you already own a website, you understand the significance of choosing a good domain-name. A good domain-name not only enhances the branding of your business, but it also helps in higher search engine rankings. Depending on how you are planning to use your blog, consider if you should choose a domain-name which is keyword-based or brandable. An example of a brandable domain-name is Nothing keyword-rich about it, but it is definitely etched in the minds of every Web surfer.

If your blog is going to play a significant role in your business, then spend some time choosing the right domain-name for it. People tend to remember memorable domain-names that end with a dot com to spread it around easier. You may consider using a free tool such as, to help in registering a good name. Then choose a standalone blog platform like to stand a better chance of attracting heavy traffic to your blog on a regular basis.

Choosing A Template For Your Blog

With and, the hassle of hiring a Web designer is eliminated. These hosted options already have blog templates ready for use. Just pick a design that works well with the theme of your business and get ready to start blogging. The downside to this is that there is only so much you can do to alter its look and feel. What you see is what you get.

With however, you’re free to hire a Web Designer to design the style of your blog from the ground up. There are no limitations to what you can do with your design. There are templates that are also freely given away by the WordPress community with no strings attached. You have full rights to grab any of these templates and alter them to suit the theme of your business blog.

Publishing Your Content

After all the back-breaking work of setting up your business blog, it now comes down to the most important reason of having a blog in the first place – getting your content out to the world.

For some, this is an easy process. For many others however, publishing useful and unique content regularly can be severely daunting. Distinguishing yourself from other business bloggers takes a bit of understanding of who your core readers are. Put some time aside to research your audience and find out what they would like to read about. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when publishing your content:

* Should I make my posts educational, newsworthy, informational, entertaining and debatable or, a combination of all those?

* How long should my posts be?

* Should I consider a blog partnership?

Blogging makes a great home business

Many bloggers blog full time in their blogging home business, and earn a great income – much more than they could earn at a job.

Discover how you can make money blogging, with Angela Booth’s blogging bestseller, Blogging for Dollars – blogging is fun, and profitable.

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