Make money with blogs: who clicks your ads?

When you make money blogging, you’re aiming to attract traffic from the search engines, so you can make money when your visitors click on ads, or buy affiliate products.

Oddly enough, when you’re getting search engine traffic, you don’t necessarily want any regular readers.

This seems counter-intuitive.

However, as 100 Blog Posts Week 3 Update reports:

“Guys, regular visitors do not click ads and never will. If you think I’m doing this because my ‘readers’ are clicking ads, you obviously don’t understand the game. Searchers are the ones who will click ads and if you want to get ad clicks, you have to draw the searchers.”

So when you’re blogging for money, the search engines are your friends. Ensure that you use the keywords which will make you the most income.

Blogging makes a great home business

Many bloggers blog full time in their blogging home business, and earn a great income – much more than they could earn at a job.

Discover how you can make money blogging, with Angela Booth’s blogging bestseller, Blogging for Dollars – blogging is fun, and profitable.

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