Make money with product reviews

You might be wondering if you should do product reviews of internet marketing products on your website or blog. In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes.

If you are an affiliate marketer, product reviews are an excellent way to offer more information about a product than what a sales page delivers. You have more knowledge about the product because you have purchased it, love it, and are now selling it, or you have been asked to review it by the product creator. Either instance puts you in the position of product expert, so take this job seriously.

A review page can be done in different ways; you can follow a set format or just wing it with some pros and cons. The main thing to remember is that you are not selling the product here. What you are doing is warming them up and then sending them on to the sales page through your affiliate link. This is also called a pre-sell.

A great product review page should tell more about the product, give some insider scoop, be your honest opinions, talk about the benefits to the review reader, mention a negative, explain precisely how you have benefited, and allow your enthusiasm to shine through. You are not only educating the reader, you’re making them want to click through to the product’s sales page.

I think the most captivating thing you can do in a product review is offer personal proof. For example, if I bought product xyz and found it to be:

easy to install and use (and I’m not techy at all),
cut my research time in half,
allowed me to write double the number of articles,
which then got me double the traffic and double the sales…

I’ve got personal proof as well as a list of benefits. Do you think my enthusiasm for the product will shine through? You bet.

People want to know about a product because they want to know if it will save them time, make them money, allow them to make money while they are sleeping, is easy to use, and is a good value. If there is something wrong with it, you need to be honest and tell them. It might not be for beginners, or it might be grey hat, or maybe it’s for beginners and not experienced marketers. There should at least be some small negative or two that you can share, because you want them to continue to trust you and your reviews. No one product is good for every person.

Product reviews are tailor made for blogs. You might have a product review blog that is nothing but product reviews, or you might have an internet marketing blog where product reviews can be one of the things you share with your readers. Make yours honest and believable and tell your own story. If you do, you should have readers clicking through your affiliate link and one step closer to purchasing.

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