Make Money Writing: Affiliate Marketing for Cash

One of the easiest ways to make money writing is by affiliate marketing. Once you’ve set up a campaign for a product you’re promoting, the cash flow will continue, so you can focus on additional products. Over time, you’ll promote many products: this means that your income keeps rising.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

When you’re affiliate marketing, you’re promoting others’ products and services online, for a commission. Commissions on products can vary, from just a dollar or two, to hundreds of dollars. It’s an easy way to get started making money online, because you don’t even need a Web site.

Important: although you can get started affiliate marketing very easily, the more you treat it as a business, the more money you will make. For example, the “bum marketing” craze is popular because you can indeed start your out just by writing articles to promote your affiliate products.

However, when you use strategies like bum marketing, you’re not building a business, so as soon as possible, get your own sites and blogs, and promote your affiliate products that way. Over time, as traffic to your online properties increases, you’ll make more money from each property.

Here are two ways to make money writing about affiliate products.

1. Make Money by Writing Reviews

The easiest way to sell an affiliate product is by writing a review of it. People considering buying the product like to read reviews before making a buying decision.

Your reviews should be genuine, so aim to promote only those products you’ve used. It’s difficult to promote products you’ve never used, and if your reviews are too cookie-cutter, you won’t make sales.

2. Promote Your Products With Blogs

It’s very easy to create a blog, you can create one in minutes to promote a product. Add your reviews and other writing about your products to your blog, and over time, as the links to your blog increase, you’ll get an increase in traffic, and in sales.

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Selling Online? Increase your profits

Web copywriting skills are an essential tool for your online business success.

Whatever you’re selling: whether it’s your own products and service, or whether you’re acting as an affiliate for others, you must know how to sell online.

I’ve been coaching business owners in do-it-yourself copywriting skills for several years, simply because I believe that the person who knows the most about a product is the best copywriter for it.

Now I’ve turned that material into an ebook packed with tips – Angela Booth’s “Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting”. Discover how you can increase your profits today.

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