Make Real Money Online As a Pro Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Some affiliate marketers are making million-dollar incomes. If you’re serious about your new career, here are four tips which will help.

1. Buy a Product You Want to Promote

Your first step is to get hold of a product which you want to promote. If the product is an information product, read it or watch it. Learn as much about the product as you can.

2. Realize That It Will Take More Than a Banner Ad to Sell It

Next, brainstorm ways in which you can sell this product. Your first step should be to write a review of it. If the product is highly popular, chances are that your review won’t go far.

You need to make it a no-brainer for people to buy the product through your link.

This means that you need to give people an incentive. Your incentive it may be something you create which will be a useful add-on to the product, or which expands on the product, making it easier to use.

3. Invest in a Domain Name for the Product

If you like a product enough to promote it, invest in a domain name for that particular product.

The domain name is useful because you can send buyers directly to the product from your own domain name. This solves the problem of affiliate links, which tend to be ugly and which make potential buyers suspicious.

An added benefit is that when you promote using your own domain, you make it harder for others to steal your sales.

4. Invest in PPC Marketing to Find the Best Products to Promote

Not every product which you start to promote will make money for you. In fact you may need to go through five or six products before you find a product which is profitable for you.

This means that you can waste a lot of time in writing reviews and creating incentives for products which just won’t make money for you. You can shortcut the process of finding good products by investing in some PPC marketing for products you’re considering.

“Affiliate marketing is a scam!”


I used to think that too, until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Join us: we’re the happiest online marketers you’ll find, and the friendliest too. Turn your hobby into a full-time, exciting career — you get ALL the information, tools (great tools!) and help you need.

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